What will most certainly be a lengthy investigation is now underway into that Saturday plane crash in Williams County that killed a Michigan pilot and injured his passenger.
The Defiance post of the Ohio Highway Patrol and investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration were on the scene Monday following the crash at the Bryan Aero Park.
According to the FFA, since the crash resulted in a fatality, the National Transportation Safety Board will lead the investigation which could take up to a year or more.
62 year old Leslie Dean of Ann Arbor, the pilot of a 2010 self-assembled single-engine Highlander aircraft was killed in the crash. His passenger, 51 year old Kent Hyne, also of Ann Arbor, was admitted to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, Toledo but has reportedly since been discharged.
Dean was attempting to land on the east-west grass landing strip at approximately 8:30 Saturday morning when another aircraft was also attempting to land from the opposite direction. When the pilots saw each other, they each aborted their landings. Dean’s plane lost power and crashed into a cornfield.
The other plane landed safely.
Since 1982, seven planes have crashed in the Bryan area.