Good News For Quadco

Quadco is leasing additional warehouse space in Archbold in order to meet an ever-increasing demand for the cardboard pallets they produce.
The Quadco Administrative board met on Tuesday, and it was announced that the center would be leasing space in a warehouse near their Northwest Products division for the storage of cardboard pallets that they are producing.
The center reportedly continues seeing an increase in the sales of cardboard pallets, and Quadco leaders say they expect to see sales ramp up after the first of the year.
In other action at Tuesday’s meeting, a letter explaining why the center is discontinuing The Ride was distributed. The letter detailed the history of the service and also explained why the center cannot continue offering the individual public transportation service in Williams County after the end of the year. Because it is being discontinued, the center will not be reapplying for any grants for the service.
The next joint board meeting will be the annual organizational meeting at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, January 27, 2015. The regular business meeting will follow at noon in the Stryker main conference room.