If You Live In Bryan, You Are Probably Pretty Safe

If you live in Bryan, you can rest easy, and you should feel pretty safe. That’s because, according to an online report, Bryan is the safest city in the entire state of Ohio. The Bryan Times reports that SafeWise, a home security systems company based in Utah, says Bryan had only one reported violent crime and no murders or aggravated assaults in all of 2013, making Bryan what the report called, the safest city in Ohio with a perfect combination of old-world charm and modern progress. The survey, according to the paper, rated cities with populations above 8,000 based on the most recent FBI Crime Report Statistics from 2013, including property crime and violent crime, to determined the chance of those type of crimes happening per 1,000 residents. Just for the record though, Bryan is yet unranked in the ratings for 2014 so far.