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A $5,000 donation has been made to the Archbold Community Library as part of its holiday campaign to give back to the Archbold community.
The money comes from Staff Management | SMX, which came to Archbold in July after partnering with Sauder Woodworking and Manufacturing.
The donation comes just days after the library was told it was not going to get a $5,000 grant to buy new children’s books due to state budget cuts.
Staff Management | SMX also is giving $500 to Sauder’s United Way holiday campaign.


The budget for 2014 shows that the city of Bryan is tightening it’s belt.
Bryan City Council on Monday, approved the city budget for the coming year including a 2.6 percent decrease for all city funds from $55,262,633 in 2013 to $53,803,383 in 2014.
The Bryan Times reports that in addition to approving the budget, council authorized salary ranges for city employees that reflect a 2 percent increas for most, with some exceptions such as those of union members, which are determined through collective bargaining.


A Napoleon man was killed early Monday morning when his house burned.
The fire at a condominium around 3 a.m. Monday resulted in the death of former long-time sports editor for the Northwest Signal, 75 year old Larry or “Moe” Brubaker.
According to officials, Brubaker died of smoke inhalation, and was already dead before crews arrived on the scene.
Investigators say the fire seems to have started in the living room, but the actual cause is still not known.
The State Fire Marshal’s Office was investigating on Monday. They said the fire was not suspicious.


If you work for minimum wage, beginning tomorrow, you will get a raise.
On Wednesday, Ohio’s minimum wage will increase. For non-tipped employees, the minimum wage will go from $7.85 to $7.95 per hour. For tipped employees, wages will go from $3.93 to $3.98 per hour.
Ohio’s minimum wage, according to the state constitution, increases on Jan. 1 of each year. The increase is based on the rate of inflation.
The state minimum wage increase applies to companies with annual gross receipts of more than $292,000 per year, and is tied to the federal minimum wage.
Most experts say that even though the minimum wage is increasing, don’t expect a big and noticable impact on the local economy.


The Ohio State Highway Patrol says they will be out in full force over the New Year’s holiday, removing dangerous and impaired drivers in an effort to reduce fatal and injury crashes. Last year in Ohio, seven people died in OVI-related crashes between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.
Police say drivers need to designate a sober driver, buckle up and keep their focus on the road to ensure that everyone celebrates the holidays safely.
Last year, the patrol arrested 92 drivers for OVI during the two-day Christmas holiday reporting period.
The public is encouraged to continue using #677 to report dangerous or impaired drivers, as well as drug activity.

Water Rescue Bill Passed

After many incidents in which drivers tried to pass through roads that were marked as closed due to high water, a new law has been passed in Ohio in which drivers are now prohibited from operating a motor vehicle on a public street or highway if the roadway is marked by a sign stating it is closed due to high water. Violators will be charged with a minor misdemeanor and can be fined up to $2,000 to reimburse a portion of the cost to rescue an offender from the high water. In addition, the cost of transporting an offender to a hospital or other facility for treatment is not covered in the $2,000 possible fine.
Lawmakers say there are far too many cases of people ignoring signs and endangering themselves, their property and their rescuers.
They say when someone ignores the signs, more often than not they are stranded in the middle of a flooded road. They call for help. … and the fire department must come out and attempt the rescue, putting others in harms way.

Flames Damage Stryker Duplex

Flames over the weekend damaged a duplex in Stryker.
Investigators say it was an electrical fire in a wall between two apartments at 102 West Lynn Street that caused the Saturday fire.
Damage was estimated to be more than $10,000. There were no injuries.
According to investigators, some construction was being done on the building, but they say that was not the cause of the blaze.
Reportedly, neither family had renters insurance, and both are being assisted by the Williams County Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Seedling Sale Set

The Paulding Soil & Water Conservation District is now taking orders for its annual tree seedling and nature sale. Trees include: American arborvitae, eastern red cedar, Colorado blue spruce, Norway spruce, eastern white pine, red oak, white oak, walnut, sugar maple, red maple, white flowering dogwood, red osier dogwood, highbush cranberry, black cherry, forsythia, red bud, lilac, pin oak and sycamore. New specialty and bundles include: five pack domestic apple tree, Ohio buckeye, two-year-old red canadice grapes, five pack regent serviceberry, 25 American arborvitae, 25 Norway spruce, 25 white oak, 25 sycamore, five domestic apple trees, five red canadice grapes and five regent serviceberry.
Contact the Paulding SWCD office at 419-399-4771 or visit their website at

Crash Proves Fatal For Cecil Man

One man is dead following a one-vehicle rollover crash Friday on the Defiance-Paulding County Line Road.
The Ohio Highway Patrol says 63 year old Sylvester Ankney of Cecil was driving eastbound on the county line Friday evening just after 9 o’clock when his vehicle traveled off the north side of the road.
Ankney overcorrected and went back into the eastbound lane, overcorrected again and traveled off the north side of the road into a ditch. His vehicle then flipped several times.
Ankney, who was not wearing his seat belt, was pronounced dead at the scene.
That accident remains under investigation.

Bryan PD

Bryan Police say on Friday, 30 year old Lonnie Richmond of Montpelier was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated. He was released on his own recognizance according to police.