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New School Going To The Voters

If it is approved on the ballot, another Williams County district will have a new school.
The Bryan Times reports that North Central Local Schools is asking voters to approve a 1.4-mill levy for 37 years to pay for a new high school that would connect to the junior high wing.
The levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 property $49 in 2015, $42 in 2016, and $35 in 2017, based upon predictions of future property values, which have been increasing.
The building would cost just under $8.8 Million according to estimates, and the state would fund half of that amount.
A Locally Funded Initiative for $816,960 would cover what the state won’t.
The new high school would provide more classroom space for science labs, computer labs, a band room and art room.
If approved, construction would begin in 2015 with completion projected for 2016.

Bryan Power Outage

About 300 Bryan Municipal Utilities customers lost power Tuesday evening.
Bryan Municpal Utilities reports that at about 7:30 last evening, power was lost on the main feeder out of the Daggett substation.
Two electric crews were called to make the repair. They found a bad insulator on County Road 16 at Ohio 34.
Crews re-routed the circuit and power was restored shortly after that.

Get Ready For The Farmers Market

It must finally be spring! Well, almost…
The 2014 Farmers Market season will open on May 22 on the north side of the courthouse square in Bryan.
This year’s market will run until dusk and resume again at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning, May 27, and run till noon.
The market will then will be open from 7 a.m. to noon every Tuesday and 3:30 p.m. until dusk each Thursday until Oct.30.
The Farmers Market will also be at Day in the Park and on the square for Fall Fest.

Student Driver And Instructor Killed In Crash

A student driver and his instructor ran a stop sign at an intersection on Monday near Waterville, and were hit by a minivan. Both were killed in the crash.
Police say the car made no attempt whatsoever to stop, and was knocked off the road, then flipped over, and landed in a yard.
The Ohio Highway Patrol says 16-year-old Joseph Franks was driving the car while 48-year-old Thomas Smith was instructing him Monday afternoon.
Franks was from Swanton, and Smith worked for Key Driving School in Whitehouse. Both were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the minivan, 48-year-old Kathleen Woods of Swanton, was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Steuben County Fatalities

A man from Orland, Indiana is now dead after being injured Friday night in a Steuben County traffic accident.
29-year-old Jeremy Maguire was flown to Parkview Regional Medical Center, where he later died.
The Steuben County Sheriffs Department says Maguire’s pickup truck went off of County Road 550 West near Orland Road and then hit a tree.
It was one of two fatal crashes in just two days in Steuben County. 43-year-old Michael Lofton of Quincy was killed over the weekend in a motorcycle accident.

Gas pains!

Gas prices are creeping closer to $4 a gallon, just as the summer driving season is approaching.
There was another spike of about 25 cents a gallon Tuesday.
Prices in the Angola area hit $3.89 a gallon.
Gas yesterday was a slight bit cheaper in Ohio. Stations in Edon and Bryan were selling a gallon of regular for $3.69 while it was priced at $3.77 in Montpelier. The Toll Road Plaza in Steuben County had some of the most expensive gas in the area at $4.19.

CDBG Funding Announced

Some money is coming to Williams County to fund three community improvement projects this year.
The county will be getting $73,600 in Community Development Block Grant funding:
The Bryan Times reports that the village of West Unity requested $20,000 to replace the floor of its community center.
The village of Pioneer requested $25,000 to pave the downtown gravel parking lot. .
Madison Township requested $16,000 for a new tornado siren and $10,800 for a generator to back it up.
The village of Edgerton requested $24,800 to re-pave its community center parking lot and build a concrete slope to improve wheelchair access.
Northwest Township requested $49,000 for several projects to meet Americans with Disabilities Acts standards.
The Williams County Department of Aging requested $17,300 to purchase a new car.
Sarah’s House of Williams County requested $24,100 to replace a sidewalk.
County Commissioners, at their meeting on Monday, took the projects under advisement and agreed to schedule public hearings to discuss them in more detail.

Jobs Remaining In Bryan And New Jobs Coming Too

JobsOhio reported Monday, that Unique-Chardan Inc. in Bryan will be expanding, adding 30 new jobs and retaining 52 others.
Unique-Chardan is an advanced auto parts manufacturer, and was acquired earlier this year by Michigan-based Unique Fabricating.
Company officials had been considering moving operations out of Ohio. Instead of relocating though, a decision was made to make up to $400,000 in upgrades at the Bryan facility and add 30 new jobs to the existing workforce.
Chardan Corp. was founded in Bryan in 1975 as an automotive die-cut fabricator of nonmetallic materials.
Unique Fabricating Inc., a manufacturer of die cut and molded rubber, foam and plastic components for the automotive industry, has other facilities in Michigan and Georgia.

Check Your Water Supply

The Ohio State University Extension Service says we all should take a closer look at our water supplies.
According to the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, many people that live outside of a rural water district or village, must rely on private wells for drinking water.
State officials are saying that private well owners really should test their well water regularly, but they also say that finding a test site, and then interpreting the results, and be confusing.
They remind people that the Ohio State University Extension, Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency have cooperated to develop a free online well water interpretation tool. The well water interpretation tool is located on the OSU Extension’s Ohio Watershed Network at The website allows quick access to well water information on many subjects.

Shotgun Thieves Identified

The Lenawee County Sheriff’s Department says that, thanks to tips, two suspects have been identified and are currently in police custody in connection with the theft of a shotgun from an Adrian sports store earlier this month.
Their names have not yet been released, but according to investigators, the two are the same two guys who were seen on surveillance video at the sporting goods store on North Adrian Hwy.
Officers say one of them distracted a clerk while the other man took a 12-gauge shotgun from a sales rack, checked to see if anyone was looking and then stuck the shotgun down his pants and just walked out of the store.