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Maumee Valley Guidance Center names medical director

A medical director has been named for the Maumee Valley Guidance Center, a community behavioral health center with offices in Defiance, Bryan, Napoleon and Wauseon. Dr. Enedina Berrones is a psychiatrist who has worked for Maumee Valley Guidance Center since 2010. As medical director, she oversees a medical staff that includes three other psychiatrists and two registered nurses.

She earned her medical degree from the Central America Health Sciences University School of Medicine, Juarez, Mexico campus, and completed her psychiatry residency at MetroHealth Case Western Reserve in Cleveland. Dr. Berrones sees patients at the agency’s Defiance and Bryan offices. Her special practice interests include adult patients and those with both a mental health and addiction diagnosis.

Prior to becoming a doctor, she was trained as a registered nurse, working for nearly 20 years as an intensive care nurse at hospitals in Laredo, Texas.

Commissioners investigate going electronic for payments

The Paulding County commissioners have decided to go “cash free” for payments coming into the office. The board met with the county treasurer and two local banks to investigate how to switch to processing payments by debit or credit card.

Also at the meeting, the commissioners awarded Oakwood’s well project to Watson Well Drilling in Bryan for $23,920. The community received $20,000 in Community Block Development Grant funds for the project.

The village will pick up the remaining cost of the project.

ODOT lays out Williams County road work plans

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has released a list of this year’s construction projects.

In Williams County, ODOT will replace two culverts on Ohio 2 near County Road 19 and on Ohio 576 (St. Joseph River overflow). Project cost is $307,000.

Resurfacing of U.S. 20A, between Ohio routes 15 and 107; Ohio 2, between the Defiance County line and U.S. 6; and Ohio 15, between U.S. 20A and U.S. 127. Project cost is $3,850,000.

Pavement will be chip/seal on Ohio 34, between Ohio 576 and County Road D; and on Ohio 49, between U.S. 20 and the Michigan line. Total project cost is $428,500.

Replacement of bridge on County Road 4 over Owl Creek. Project cost is $200,000.

Resurfacing and concrete approach installation at intersections with traffic signals on Ohio 107, between County 20 and into Montpelier. Project cost is $522,000

Accused armed robber bails out of jail, strikes again, say police

Sheriff Steve Towns is not a happy camper. He is upset that a Michigan law enforcement agency let a suspected armed robber bail out of jail when he had warrants on him here. The man, John T. Morgan is wanted for robberies in Montpelier, Holiday City and small villages in Indiana and Michigan. Williams County deputies were able to track him down after six months and arrest him on March 15th. After his mom bailed him out, he was being chased again Tuesday for a bank robbery in Quincy, Michigan.

Fire department vehicle destroyed on the way to a test

A Bryan Fire Department command vehicle was likely totalled in a crash Wednesday heading to a fire alarm that ended up being a test. The vehicle is probably totalled, according to Fire Chief Bruce Siders. No one was seriously injured. The fire alarm test happened at Fountain Park Inn and Villas. No word yet on why they didn’t notify the fire department of the test.

Longer trains, road blockages expected

In the county commission meeting in Defiance, commissioners were talking about trains. Apparently, more and more trains are getting even longer and blocking roadways more often. A CSX employee recently told the commission that trains lengths have increased to 12,000 feet and blocked crossings will be occurring regularly. The commission is planning to meet with CSX to talk about the issue.

Farmland prices vary

Prices for farmland in Northwest Ohio vary greatly. At a recent gathering, the Defiance County OSU Extension Office’s Bruce Clevenger said prices should stabilize but it’s hard to predict when that will happen. In recent auctions, farmland have gone for $4,600 per acre up to $8,300.

Local chamber of commerce looking at possible dissolution

In Antwerp, the chamber of commerce is considering disbanding. According to the Chamber President Shawn Dooley, the problem is not just in their town, but seen across the country. Finding members to participate. Dooley says the same people have been in leadership for a long while and new blood in necessary to keep the chamber going. A meeting to determine if Antwerp’s Chamber of Commerce should stay or go will be held at 12:30 today at the Essen Haus in Antwerp to get input.

Judith Hawkey to get a new trial

An Oakwood woman convicted in 2003 for causing her stepson to kill his father will get a new trial. An appeals court ruled yesterday that there were four errors in Judith Hawkey’s trial. She was sentenced to life without parole for abusing her 10-year-old stepson and causing him to shoot his father. The Defiance County Prosecutor promises to appeal the ruling for a new trial to the Ohio Supreme Court.

State looking for input on curriculum standards

The state wants to know what people think about education standards in Ohio. The Common Core standards, which put federal regulations on a state issue, have been controversial for years. The Ohio Board of Education is asking for input at this website: The suggestions gathered there will be reviewed by an advisory committee, then a rough draft will be created and reviewed. Then the new standards should be finalized by next January. The state has used three different state exams over the last three years. And the Ohio Department of Education is searching for a new superintendent.